Hey there!

Welcome to Mini’s Craft Blog.

My name is Manal and the creator of this blog. I have been into crafting since as long as I can remember. It started off with making greeting cards and putting them at gift shops for sale. There’s no looking behind since then and I have really enjoyed my journey as a paper crafter. With time, I saw my skill getting polished and I jumped on to making scrapbooks, flowers and 3D projects.

I enjoy a lot when I am making interactive cards and scrapbook layouts. Box designing is of my interest too.

I am a mother to two boys. Married to an Accountant by profession. He has been an immense support throughout and he is the one behind all creative designing required. I am really grateful for having them.

My background is in Sciences. I hold a Master’s degree in Zoology and have taught middle school boys for 5 years. As it is evident, I am passionate about crafting and find it really therapeutic. The purpose of this blog is to share my ideas and inspire creative people like me to try their hands on different products, mediums and techniques.

I love experimenting wirh stamps and dies. I want to know how versatile a product can be and what are the possible options of diversifying its use.

Excited to ride on my sail!

Can’t wait for you all to join me here!

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