How many folds?

This week at CCEE blog, we are doing more than one fold!

To meet the challenge, I have created this fun folding pop up card and has way too many folds!

It measures 6×6 when folded and is easily posted in an envelope.

For the card base:

6×12″ cardstock, score on the long side at 3,9″.

For the pop up piece:

6×12″ cardstock, scored again at 3,9″

Put little marks at 6″ on top and bottom.

From these marks, score diagonally to each of the right & left corners. (Do the same for the other mark.)

The vertical score lines will be mountain fold and diagonal ones will be valley fold.

Once you have folded all score lines, paste your mats and layers.

For the center piece, mirror cardstock: 4×4″

patterned paper: 3 3/4″ square

sentiment: 3 1/2″ square

Large corner triangles: 1 of 4×4″ patterned paper cut in half diagonally

Smaller triangles: 2 of 4×4″ patterned paper cut into 8 triangles.

To join both the pieces of cardstock, put glue on the outer corner triangles and the middle square and paste it on the cover by laying both pieces flat.

Belly band: 1×12″

Can you count how many folds does the card have?

Click on the video below to watch the complete tutorial for this card:

I hope you have liked the project.

Hop on to the challenge blog to see what other members have created.


7 thoughts on “How many folds?

  1. Manal, sorry I typed Kelly’s name on your comment. I love this card, and what a fabulous fold you have created. Love your choices of colors and papers. I am leaving out of town today, and was trying to make my comments before I got on the road, and lost track of where I was.


  2. Fabulous bright colors and fun patterns on this awesome birthday design, Mini! And what incredible folding!! Exquisite work!!


  3. This is a great card! I have made a similar one using a pre-scored card, but I’ve never tried it from scratch. Great job!!!


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